Perth Fresh and Clear Asbestos Removal

If there is a possibility that you have asbestos in your home, do not touch the spot where you think the asbestos may be located. Asbestos is usually not dangerous until is is disturbed. When asbestos is touched or moved, it may emit tiny fibers that you or your family can breathe in. Most of the time asbestos is safe as long as it remains undisturbed.

As long as it remains contained, there is no danger or cause for alarm. As long as the area is not damaged and does not show any signs of loose material or other wear and tear, you can probably leave it alone.

There may be asbestos contained within the walls or ceilings, yet because they are still in good condition, you may not be aware they contain asbestos. As long as the walls or ceilings do not show apparent damage or signs of degradation, the asbestos will not pose a risk to the health of the family.

The best option is to leave areas containing asbestos alone as long as they are still contained or showing no damage alone and undisturbed


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